06 kx250F Top end PRoblem

Hey guys, i recently bought an 06 kx250F and i ran into a new problem.. when i get on the throttle , towards the top end of the bike it kinda gives off and sounds like the bikes struggling a bit.. like a choking sound, the power all the way up to the higher rpms is fine but there's definetely something wrong. Could it be the top end? or maybe just adjustments to the carb or valves?

so everything fine until wide open throttle you say?

If so check you main jet, someone could have jetted it and i tbe wrong, the only time the main jet comes into play is WOT, all before that its about needle setting and pilot jet.

i would also recomend checking your valve clearances to know there in good shape

Ok, il go check the main jettin, but im new to the four stroke, so il take it a part and post the size of the jet and ask if i should increase or decrease its size.

182 is stock

okay, can someone send me info reguarding how to check the needle on the carb and clean everything out,,

take the carb out, take the top cover and bowl off, take the needle out with the allen bolt, and take the jets out with a 6mm wrench and a flat head screwdriver. get some brake or carb cleaner, some compressed air, and you;ll be all set.

Cleaning my carb is on the agenda for tonight.. i'll take some pics and do a quick write-up if you want.

Check the plug gap. Its quick and easy. My bike had some issues at low rpm when the plug gap was tight.

Yeah if you could take pics of you doing it that would be cool,, dont want to mess anything up worse than it already is

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