VM32 Mikuni on a 72 XL250

I installed a VM32 round slide Mikuni on my 72 XL250 in hopes it would lean it out and run better than the stoick carb. It does start and run ok, with the exception of a flat spot in acceleration. It has somewhat improved throttle response, but you still cannot wick it without hesitation. I have moved the needle e-clip to the first and second grooves, somewhat better. Here is how it came (jetting)

Mikuni VM round slide carburetor. Jet sizes : Main : 200; Pilot : 35; Needle : Q-6; Throttle Valve : 3; Jet Needle : 6DP17; Air Jet : 2.0.

I know nothing of Mikuni jet sizes. Please advise on some jet settings - more applicable to my old bike, it is all stock (bore etc)

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