05 and 06 Muffler?

Guys, just looking at a full PRO CIRCUIT Ti-4 system on ebay. However, its for a 05 CRF450.

Ive got a 06, will it fit onto my 06 model?

Im really after the rear slip on, so if the header doesnt fit, will the slip on fit? I can always get it and sell the header, keep the slip on...

Thanks Fellas

You can elongate the holes to get it to mount up.

You can elongate the holes to get it to mount up.

+1 I did it to a stock exhaust and worked great.

Can someone please explain what you mean by elongate the holes?

Will the header fit?

If this helps... I put a stock '06 system on an '05 a couple of weeks back. The header went on with a little fight because the head is at a slightly different angle.. tilted down.

As I recall, in '06 Honda tilted the motor slightly forward in the chassis to get more weight on the front end.

I see no reason why you couldn't put that system on.. mount everything leaving all hardware loose...secure the can first... then tighten the head stud nuts.

I thought I might have a leak at the cylinder to header joint but no it sealed no issue even with a tired old crush ring.

Hope that helps.


So the can should fit no worries?

Not really the mounting points for the silencer and mid pipe are more different than you have been led to believe. Although you can elongate the hole in the aluminum subframe bracket [the front hole] and the rear mount on the silencer it self I find this to be kinda sketchy.The difference between the 05 and 06 silencer mounting points is just far enough that I usually cut off the front mount on the mid pipe and reweld it in the correct spot.Not saying that what others have said won't work,just in my experience it makes the carved out mounts for me unacceptably thin for my taste.cheers

I spoke of STOCK components and in retrospect in order to make it fit, the header may have slid further into the 'can' pipe than originally intended... I don't recall for certain however it did go on with no mods and a minimum of fuss.

Even though I have two of those PC systems I have never tried to mix the components so I can not say for certain if it will work and or what mods would be required. I wasn't aware PC stuff was sold as slip on.. I thought only full systems meaning it was never designed to work with the OEM header.



elongate (verb)

Variant(s): or elon·gat·ed

Function: adjective

stretched out :D

I didn't touch the bracket or the hole on the frame. I elongated the hole on the muffler where it attaches to the sub frame right below the seat.

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