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CRF50 ignition problems

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I traded my pit bike for a bone stock 07 CRF50 (time to get my daughter into riding) which supposedly had a bad CDI, I replaced the CDI and the wiring harness because it was a mess, no spark. I had a spare coil so I changed that and the spark plug, still no spark. Next I pulled the stator cover off and there it was the chain got catapulted into the ignition trigger.

Here is where my question might be stupid. Can I replace just the ignition trigger and if so where can I find one? Every where I look I find the entire ignition assembly and all I really need is the trigger. From the pictures I cannot tell if the trigger is wired into the coils and everything needs to be replaced or if it can be pulled off and replaced on its own. I don't have the correct size fly wheel puller yet to yank it and look at it.

I searched through old threads and have found problems with triggers but nothing saying how it is replaced (single piece or entire ignition plate)

Any help would be appreciated.

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Best way arounf that is to search and buy a OEM Honda stator assembly someone that will sell you the Complete Honda CRf50 ignition Complete

Stator assembly: $123.89 (Stator & pick-up)

Stator plate: $28.73

Stator O-Ring: $4.43

Dont know if it will work but heres a link to a Honda OEM Parts fisch


website for all OEM parts:


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