A little off topic

Anyone here do their training on a road bicycle? Right now I am getting in 30 miles a day commuting to work and I usually get in a 2 hour ride on Saturday or Sunday. Always riding by myself gets a little boring so I guees I am looking for someone to ride with in the Parker area.

Try roadbikereview.com in the rocky mountain section of the forum. :D

18mi commute on a MTB. dirt/paved urban path all the way with only a couple roads to cross. Love it. Most weeks 2 to 3 times a week. The Ipod gets me crankin. About time to hang the lights on the bike. Riding in the dark is a nice change. Kinda exciting really. I'm in C. Springs.

Try roadbikereview.com in the rocky mountain section of the forum. :D

I've posted before in Roadbikereview, in fact I read that site almost as much as this one. Lots of guys to ride with there but none that I have ever found in the Parker area. Most of the guys are out of Boulder or the Lakewood area.

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