Scotts steering stabilizer for MX???

So I just installed my scotts steering stabilizer on my 08 ktm 505 xcf. I got it mostly for the trails - rocks, roots, more rocks, etc and for the sand dunes where the 18 degree offset tends to make the steering a bit squirley. My question is how does the mx crowd feel about these things? I just installed it last night so will test it out this weekend but was curious if guys use it for mx and what settings they like - on the lower side I suspect, seems like it should help with less fatique more than anything on the track.


I think they are starting to gain some popularity in motocross. I first got a steering damper for my 03 crf450, it was a GPR, it was really helpful on that bike. I then got a Scott's damper for my 06 KTM 250 SX-F and it was real good on that bike, calmed down the front end real good. I then traded the ktm for a YZ250f, and put the Scott's on that bike and it did nothing for it. I put a GPR on my 06 YZ250 and it helped that bike on fast, rough parts of the track, I then did a back to back test on the YZ250 with a Scott's and a GPR and the GPR helped the YZ250, but the Scott's didnt help any, I now keep the GPR on there and now have a 06 CRF450 with a GPR on it and it doesnt really do squat, the bike must not need on.

It sure wont hurt your KTM any, might even help some.

I would like to try one out. On several occasions my bars violently kicked back and forth knocking one or both hands off in the process. Almost jammed my thumb yesterday.

I have had the bar swap action happen before, suprizingly it was when going at a moderate speed, it jarred my wrist pretty good and made me think the bike was mad at me or something. It didn't have a damper so I always wonder if that would have helped.

I can't really decide if I like one or not. I had a scotts on my 08 kx250f, I do like it a lot in the sand and really high speed hard pack terrain, but don't really like it much on a mx track, it makes my bike feel really heavy. I've played with both the high speed and low speed adjustments and still have the same feelings about it. My bike will track perfectly straight and very stable through the roughest chop with a scotts, but it comes with the costly trade off of a heavy feel and with me being pretty light, i get worn out faster with it on there than with it off. My bike also corners twice as good with out a damper.

SO, I run with out a damper 99% of the time.

Oh and I have tried a GPR and a WER too, Scotts is the way to go if you must have one.

I hear what your saying about the heavy feel and not cornering as good, my 06 crf450 heels like it won't turn if I have the damper turned up hardly any. And I sorta agree that a Scott's might be the way to go, cause with that one I think it is likely doing some good with they're high speed damping circuit that doesn't affect when you slam the bars into a corner, whereas the gpr seems like its doing nothing until it slows the steering. With my a.d.d. I likely didn't recognize the benifits of the Scott's.

tried my scotts out today at the track. They had just disked the track and very dry so just giant cobblestone clumps - very rough, the stabilizer was very helpful in that stuff and resisting getting sucked into ruts. On the stand in the garage I set it up where I thought it would be good then after one lap backed it off at least two settings, I should have tried turning it right down for an experiment. I like my new bar position with the scotts anyway - an inch taller and a few mm more forward. Overall I think it helps a fair bit in places on the track but it does take a bit getting used to the feel. I think it helped in these rough hard packed corners with wall to wall hunks of dirt all over, less work with the inside hand, felt like you just push down with the outside hand and it tracks pretty good. I know I will like it in the woods and for sure the sand dunes. It definitely took out the squireliness on the high speed chopped out sections. On the stand it felt like you could turn it right down if there's places you don't want to notice it much. I probably wouldn't have described it as making my bike feel heavy but I can see what you're saying, it's a little weird feeling resistance when turning your bars in the air. For a guy like me who uses one bike for everything I think it's a good deal. I need some more time on it to see if I think it's a good my only tool.

I use it for MX on my 08 Yamaha YZ450F, and I think is great, this is my setup




meant to say "mx" only tool, been to the hills and other days on the track since last post. Great in the rocks and such, helps keep straight lines and less fatigue over the course of the day. On the track I like it turned way down so it's really mostly the high speed setting kicking in, about 14-15 clicks back from totally tightened down point on the hand adjustable / slowspeed knob for the track seems good. For hills about 11 click back from full on.

I want ride a bike without one, motocross or trails.

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