Would the waiting game be worth it?

I have located a new leftover 2008 Yamaha WR250R Dual-Purpose bike for $4999.

Since it is getting to be near winter time where I live, is it worth it to pull the trigger on that bike now or wait to see what becomes available over this winter?

I haven't seen a single decent dual sport bike available within 100 miles in the classifieds, fleabay, cycletrader, or CL so my wait could be a LONG one.

Considering the WR's reputation, it seems to be an ideal candidate for what I am looking for, which is a little off roading now and again without having to truck the bike to the place I want to ride. (I already have a YZ250 for more hard core off roading)

What would you do? get the WR or wait?

Offer them 4800 out the door, if they bite, you got a great deal. If not, walk out the door. They will stop you and deal.

Personally, I'd offer them $4500 OTD. The way bikes are selling around here, chances are they'd bite at that. Otherwise, walk out the door with them in tow trying to make the deal work. :D

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