wich ssr under $900 is most reliable

im debating on what pit bike i should get under 900$$$ i really want a ssr and wich site i should get it off of.i am about 5'4 i either on the ssr125 dx-3 or 110a1 or any pit bikes under 900$ . and can any one post pics of any of the bikes? thanks.:D

I think the A1 is a little more better, but its also a little more expencive

The DX3 is 650 bucks, heres mine


thanks for the reply. is it durable enough to jump smid size jumps?and could you tell me the pros and cons of it

Well ill give the best info i can, ive had it for 2 days haha

It seems like a decent bike for the price. When i first got it some of the wires were loose and the bike would cut in and out but a quick look over and re-plugging of wires made it better. Always remember to go over every nut and bolt when you get it! I almost lost my front brake from not looking at every bolt lol

the engine seems to pull good

i've done about 3ft jumps at the max right now, and it seems to soak them up good. I'll find out more after break in :D

and dont forget to chage the oil before you even start it up :worthy:

The A-1 bikes use bearings in the swing arm as opposed to the bushings in the DX, which make it a little smoother and they last much longer. If your gonna jump it you need to buy new footpeg mounts immediately. I launched my SSR 125-E and bent the hell out of the peg mounts haha.

If you feel like driving...a buddy is selling a SSR 125 SBA, located about 30 mins North of harrisburg, PA. You will be able to jump it, already has HD footpeg mount and I think AHP levers.

Let me know and I'll get some pics of it for you, it's in my garage right now.


can he ship it?

I doubt it....don't even know how to go about it.

also has Factory Effex graphics, tall gripper seat, sgr 1/4 turn throttle, and some Tag grips.

I took a pic before moving it into the shed. I'll post it up for you when I dload it.

THANKS. idk though cuz i live in virginia.

Where abouts in VA? Probably 4 hourish away, huh?

Here are the pics....also has an aftermarket tank/petcock that won't leak like the one that comes with it eventually will. IRC 10" rear tire and I believe a Bridgestone front. Have to check on that though. Also has a Uni Filter and No Toil filter.



somthin like that

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