DaveJ's fork oil?

Has anyone here tried it? My forks are due for an overhaul. Is it really that good?

my buddy swears by it... he races off road YZF

Thats good to read. I changed the springs out in mine earlier in the year and used 10wt BelRay HVT(?). The guy at the Yamaha shop said it would be good since I'm 240lbs. Actually I was more like 260 then. My scale was off. NOW I'm 240 and the springs are a little too stiff and I'm riding it hard enough to see what all the complaints with the WR forks are about. I think I can use 5wt BK@(&$(@..whatever at the minimum and be OK. They are so stiff now that I've got the compression all the way out and they still beat the shit out of me.

I'm your weight and I like Mobil1 ATF in my WR forks (.50 springs). I raced harescrambles in C-4 last year, loved the way the bike handled in the rocks and won a few races, too. I think the ATF stiffened up a soft suspension a bit, but it's still softer than the YZ.

Now I ride an 02 YZ250 in Vet B and I've got Dave's oil in the forks and shock. I'm faster now, so appreciate the stiffer suspension, but I had a chance to ride these two bikes back to back and I like the YZ way better, even in very rocky terrain. Keep in mind, this is an MX bike with a notably harsh fork. I had to play with the clickers and bunch, and finally settled on a much higher oil height than I started with, but it's definitely improved from stock. It's also only 6-8 clicks between MX and off road.

So, bottom line, I like it and think it's worth a shot. It's really not much more, either, since you would need 2 liters (just over 1) of BelRay and you can probably get away with two 18 oz. bottles from Dave (I bought 4 for the shock and forks and have one left over).

Or you could try Mobil1 ATF for less than $20.

My forks have NO sag at all now. That alone doesn't bother me but I literally have to jamb the front end down to get them to work. I have .50 springs in it and need .48. I'm thinking that with 5wt at the minimun 15mm hight might help. I have the compression as soft as it will go and they still kill me until they get hot. They work better then but not enough to get excited. I think I'll give it a try. I also went my Racetech's calculator and got Factory Connection springs. That wouldn't be a big deal if the WR and YZ fork springs were the same. The WR fork springs are shorter than the WR/YZ springs I got from Factory Connection. They hold the front end up good but NO sag. Before there was too much and now I just wish they would give a little.

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