share your Green River, Utah riding experiences

I'm looking to find some cool riding down near Green River, Utah in a few weeks. If you've been there and know some good trails or can share the type of riding to expect please share.

I'm not interested in the freestyle Caninville crap but more adventure, single track, double track stuff. Bikes we're taking aren't street legal; Husky TC250 and XR600.

Check out White Wash for sure:

I should be their about the same time you are. We are tentitively planing on the weekend of Nov 7th.

I don't freestyle, in fact I have no style but Caineville is a hoot ( Watch the middle part of the new Great Ride Open episode on Fuel Tv fri night)and ten mile wash also.

I agree with the above. Caineville is a blast. Especially if your into hillclimbing.

I'll be in Green River this weekend, planning to ride white wash and devils racetrack, DR is on the san rafael swell and is one of my favorite trails. PM me if you want more details.


If you are in the Green River area, the San Rafael Swell is a must.

I was there in May and did 85 miles of single track in that area. Just get off of the Green River exit and go south. We parked right off of the highway and rode. I don't know the trail names. We met someone who knew the area and rode with him all day. Just bring a gps and head south. I remember going past the Crystal Geyser, a huge sand wash, huge sand dunes, and we ended up a stone's throw away from the Green River. It's not a very beautiful area like Moab, but the riding was premo ! Hope this helps.

I was It's not a very beautiful area like Moab

Hey now...I take offence to that :D lol

15 miles east of GR on I-70 is a ranch Exit (Ruby Ranch) Head south on dirt road (Floy wash road) till you see dunes off to the left (Aprox 14 miles...ish) park where others are parked and follow trails in every direction :D

Lenny GRMA

Ahhhhhh. Take in the beauty!




you a baad dog.

Funny though.

Ahhhhhh. Take in the beauty!





We'll be down soon! :D:ride:


Haha, Ray's Tavern may not be pretty, but they do make some damn good burgers. Would recommend it.

I was with "theripper" on that ride & it was sweeet!

We'll be back to take in some more 'beauty'! :lol::lol:

Any way to get some of the REAL Polygamy Porter there & not the 4% crap?:p

Ray's is an institution! Get the pork chop(s). And listen to Lenny, unless it's muddy and he's telling you "Aaaw, it won't be that bad." Jeff

Niiice. We'll stop by Ray's next time through!


If you ride with any of the locals, do NOT give into temptation and follow them up anything that looks too crazy. They apparently enjoy seeing ktm 300's spinning through the air 15' off the ground, before crashing back down on bare rock. lol. doh!

Who has the best breakfeast in Green River? If its to scary I can just stick with the Super 8 muffins.

West Winds truck stop

We had a great breakfast with a killer waterfront view of the brown, err I mean green river :lol: at this place on the southwest side of the river bridge. Don't recall name of the place but breakfast was great the 1st day and the waitresses/greeter girl :p provided nice scenery also! :lol: However, the 2nd day the waitress scenery wasn't the same and neither was the level of service (different crew), food was still good though. I would/will go back.

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