PC for $265

When things don't work they are usually cheap. Later George

please explain?


I thought the PC cured most all issues and made EFI more compliant for all?

When things don't work they are usually cheap. Later George

When George speaks its good enough for me!

I have had experiences with the PC and I was not at all impressed with it either, It just dumped more fuel.

Well, I certainly wouldn't run the bike with the PC out of the box. I called it plug & play, but really mine came with a nasty pre-installed map. It's great when you start from a zero map and +/- what you want, and use the accelerator pump feature.

I don't have any experience with the power commander on huskys but have "played" with them on a few other bikes I've owned.

I'm not a fan of them. If you like to play around with bike and tinker alot they can provide lots of entertainment. As far as a useful tool for tuning, I would have to say sometimes.

The ones I used seemed to fall out of adjustment often and I lost two of them due to water getting inside.

They work by changing the output of the stock ECM, it's not as good as the ECM putting out the right information to begin with. If you can get the right maps into the ECM the bike will behave better in a wider set of conditions.

They work by changing the output of the stock ECM, it's not as good as the ECM putting out the right information to begin with. If you can get the right maps into the ECM the bike will behave better in a wider set of conditions.

The map in the stock computer sucks pretty bad, at least on my 450. To make a four stroke surge, you know it is way off, and indeed it has a big dip (approx 3% down from the rest) between 3500 and 5500. That was making the nasty 4k and 6k surges.

The other thing is the PC accelerator pump feature. Most of us are used to the nice hit of an A/P, and the stock ECM doesn't do it. The PC has a crimp wire to the TPS and you can tell it to throw extra fuel based on some parameters. It's a bit limited in configuration, but it's cool that they were able to add this functionality into the PC as a user upload. It gets rid of lazy throttle response.

If you take a PC on the 450, zero the map and just set 3500-5500 as +3, then enable the a/p. Lots better than stock. Maybe add a -3 from 0-3250 to soften the off-idle. My preference anyways. I don't know how closely all bikes behave.

Pc's work great. You have to know how to use them, and more importantly have the equipment to tune it properly. Not many people understand them. It's IMPOSSIBLE to guess on the map values, and the buttons on them are lame and designed to compete with a "yosh box" for sportbikes. A custom tune is mandatory and will result in the cripest running bike you've ever experienced. The AP feature is somewhat usefull but hardly necessary on a 40psi pressurized delivery. Vacuum is not an element in FI and moto guys generally don't get FI. Every bike is different, and everyone chooses different mods to do. There is NO WAY they can deliver it with a map that is perfect for everyone. I could blab for hours about them but......

Someone get a PC and bring me their Husky. I'll prove it. 1st one for FREE. I've tuned over a hundred sportbikes on our dyno, and have no reason to believe they won't make a Husky perfect, as well. Carbs are a joke after you've seen how erratic a "good" running carb bike fluctuates its AFR. FI delivers the AFR of your choice (13.0/1 delivers peak power on most sportbikes) and is SPOT ON when tuned properly. Don't bag on them, they most certainly do work. They don't just "dump more fuel" They pecisely modify the pulsewidth on the injector, adding or subtracting fuel as needed, at 0, 2, 5, 10, 20, 40, 60, 80, &100% throttle openings, every 250 RPM. It interpolates all other values based on that. Try that with a carb!!

Furthermore, you can set the low-throttle seetings at a leaner AFR, 13.4-13.6 to 1, delivering improved mileage, and give it more fuel at higher throttle opening/RPM's to fight heat/detonation, and deliver optimum power safely. It's the most comprehensive and adjustable tool on the market, period.

The only worry I'd have is on the durability of a PC in a harsh, high-vibration and impact, off road climate. Water could be an evil issue. They occasionally do fail on sportbikes. But, they can be disconnected in a few seconds, reverting back to oem mapping and getting you home. Only time and testing will relieve that worry.

Someone get a PC and bring me their Husky. I'll prove it. 1st one for FREE.

Where in WI are you? I am in Minneapolis but I think there is someone on this site with a Husky/PC in central WI.



I have no doubt you can get a Husky to run great with a PC. But as you said you have tuned over a hundred bikes with them so I guessing you have a few hundred hours doing so. Most people don't have your experience and wont get the same results as you.

I did enjoy playing with mine and it did have results, but after the novelty wore off I just wanted a bike that would run well with out it.

In my opinion you are much better off fixing the ECM map, not altering a bad map with another device to get the bike to run right.

Durability? It's not a question of if it will fail but when. May be the first ride, may be the 200th. It fills a gap right now but it's not the best fix.

Ya durability will be an issue. They need to pour it in an isolating silicone, like a CDI box is.

The beauty is that it is completely adjustable. I'm not familiar with how an ibeat works, but most user friendly tuners tune a whole range of rpm's or throttle positions, and ultimately it is a compromise. You head in the right direction and it feels better, but A LOT is left on the table. It's impossible to evaluate the stock map without viewing the air/fuel ratio. and often you see they are spot on at, say, 20% throttle 6500 rpm, rich at 6750 20%, way rich at 6800 20%, lean at 7000, then on again at 7250 ( strictly an example for illustration, the possibilities are endless). Regardless of how messed up the oem map is, it can be made PERFECT with a PC. I don't know of any other equipment that delivers a perfect map.

Yesterday I took a TL1000R suzy (long considered glitchy), with an M4 full system, from 113 RWHP and 68 ftlbs torque, to 124 RWHP and 76 torque, just by perfecting the map. He had downloaded a yosh map, as nothing was available for an M4. It's a beautifull thing, he was freakin ecstatic. I've had similar results with CBR's, GSXR's, SV's, Duc's, Cruisers, blah blah blah. I'm dying to tune a Husky!

When this kind of technology is available, it's a CRIME to put up with surging, coughing, lurching, etc.

JLK, my shop is in Waukesha, 53189. I'm a solid 4-5 hours from the twins. Make the drive, I'll do it for free, if a Husky responds like streetbikes, it'll be the best roadtrip you've ever taken!! A street tire is a must-have. I have a 19" I keep around for HP runs, but no 18". Gas was down to $2.84/gal on my drive home tonight!

edit: Or maybe the 19" rear from my 04's would fit an FI TE?? The map we make could then be SHARED!

Somebody take him up on the offer and if you do share the map!


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