Just Diggin' It!

While my commute is short, only ten miles, it's through the canyon and I am just having a blast. I do a one mile stretch on the freeway on the way home that can get hairy (Los Angeles Freeway), but once on the road, just plain fun. Totally stock except Dave's mod, snorkle, air filter.

Oh, and I put on that cool 2003 CRF230 front fender. Bolted right up, no rub on the down tube.

Which canyon?

I commute over the Angles Crest Highway daily.

Pretty basic. The Old Road. Sometimes I take the long way and go Little Tajunga. Pretty new to this, so I'm venturing out slowly. Stock bike. White Joe Rocket jacket. Black helmut. After 30 years on dirt doing trails and MX, the street is a whole new thing. Age and too many broken bones are forcing me to look for other alternatives to MX in order to stay on a bike. This is working out pretty good. Gas cost me $7.50 this week.

Is little Tujunga the road that dumps out on the 210 by way of Osborne? If so...That's one knarley road!

Yep. It's a bit knarley but I love it tight and twisty. I don't need speed. Ilove throwing the bike over one way and then right back the other in quick fashion. It will be more fun when I get off these stock tires and on to some good road tires.

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