Need Advice on a 99 Ktm 300

Hey All,

Looking for some advice on a 1999 KTM 300. I found a cheap 300 that I'm thinking about picking up so I don't have to take my lights and mirrors off my dual sport every time I want to hit the woods. I just don't want to get into something that I can't get parts for or is going to be a real headach. Is there anything in particular to look out for with these bikes. I can afford some time to tinker on it since I don't get out as often as I'd like but I just don't want to get into a disaster.

Thanks for your help,


These bikes are easy to get parts for right now because so many are being parted out.On e bay many parts go unbidded and are had for cheap.Like the swingarm I got for 10 bucks.All parts ar still available at dealers.

Thanks man. I think I found a good candidate.

its a great bike

What about a little older like '97? Found a really clean local one.


What about a mint green and white '92? Been completely gone through and is in amazing condition. I can probably pick this one up for $1200 or maybe even $1000.

Anything older then a 98 will be linked suspension.Some people are into these bikes but they take alot of money to make modern.Basically the bike would not be close to competitive if it was brand new.Even the rear suspension on a 98 or 99 is horrible,and must have alot of money thrown at them to kick ass.I am a pretty serios trail rider and probobaly wouldnt have bothered spending thousands on my 98 if it wasnt plated.California also has the green sticker thing and I know the whole 98-02 2stroke generation pretty these years can be made great with some work.If I could I would buy as new as possible.The only way I would buy older then 98 would be to fix up a 550 2t.Those 550s are great bikes.

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