2009 AMA Nat'l Enduro in Mt and WY!!


This is great news for those of us up here!:worthy::ride:

So, if any of you out there run into Larry of Billy Hamilton with WPS be sure to give them a big thank you! It is pretty amazing to see what they have been able to accomplish with their annual enduro that they've been running at the "Rockpile."

I am definitely marking off the weekend of June 28th on my calendar!

With my KTM 505 I'd like to say that it will be like this... :ride:

but I am sure it will be more like this...:D

but it will still be this...:ride:

Wow the Upton race is one of my favorites and to see it will be a National is great!!!! Paul Douglas is the promoter and he is a great promoter. Great news!!!!!!

This is great news! I grew up in Wyoming and have been meaning to go to the Upton race so my Mom could come and watch my girls and I race. If all goes well Minnesota will have some representation at the Wyoming National next year!

What type of race is Upton? Is it in a treed area with single track or is it more desert type terrain? I grew up in Riverton and that was more like desert stuff. In Minnesota we have mostly woods races.

I can't wait... :D:worthy:

Wow, I was thinking about trying an enduro for the first time and was thinking about Upton.

Having back-to-back enduros in this part of the world is nothing short of excellent! :worthy:

Marking the calender. :D

Upton has been through the forest area up there. Very tight trees in places. If you do A/B stuff the last test is a 20 mile butt kicker in tight trees and canyons. This year we got a break and the temps were only in the 80's the last few years it has been near or above 100. Most guys finishing the long course feel like they have accomplished something just by finishing. The terrian is absolutly a blast. Now what they have to do to meet National Enduro standards I'm not sure but what ever it is I have no doubt it will be good.

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