I just spoke with my local motorcycle shop *not a dealership* and the owner told me that Yamalube quit making the 20w40 4 stroke oil like 8 months ago. Anyone know anything about this? At the owners recommendation I went ahead a got some 20w50 for my 426.

Interesting, I was at a local Yamaha shop as well and I was looking for Yamalube 10-30, they said Yamaha no longer makes 10-30 and I would have to use 10-40. My bikes a 71 and I'd really like to stick with what's recommended in the owners manual.

I hope someone can give some insight if yamaha is get rid of certain weights in there oils.

i read a story awhile back that was comparing 20w50 vs. 10w30 and

10w40 and the results where pretty amazing at how the new advanced

20w50 oils where performing better then the others, this was also using mobil 1 oil and street bikes, but maybe its a similar thing with yamalube? why make 3 oils? when you can just make one that does it all?

switching from 10w30 to 10w40 for a 71 with the newer oils you will have no problems running 10w40, in fact its way better then the 10w30 oil they had out in 1971

Do you think I'll have any problems switching my 2000 yz426f from Yamalube 20w40 to 20w50? As far as I know it's been ran on 20w40 since new.

That will have no adverse effects.

i dont think you will have any problems at all,

when i switch over to a different fluid for basically anything if i dont flush it, i will only run it for a little while then do another change.

like in my street bike i change oil every 800 miles if i changed to a different weight for any reason or different brand i will run it for only 400 miles before i change the oil again, for your clutch i would change it a 2nd time after 2-4 hrs. i feel this gets most of the first fluid out and prevents any gumming or reactions,

i heard that if you have a oil with a high of a zinc content and mix it with a oil with a poly oil that you will get severe gumming, i wouldn't be surprised if many other oils could have a reaction to each other that might not be catastrophic but isn't in the best interest of the machine.

Yamaha has completely redesigned their Yamalube line, and even the new owner's manuals don't reflect this:


The old school Yamaha way was usually 10W30 in cooler weather, and 20W40 in hot. Now (if you insist on running Yamalube), I would run 10W40 in the cooler seasons, and 20W50 in very hot weather. (The choices will be a little different if you want to run Yamalube semi-synthetic or full synthetic.)

Instead, I would highly recommend Maxima Extra, ester synthetic 10W40 in cooler seasons and 15W50 in the hot summer, or Maxima Ultra 5W40 in the cool and 5W50 in the hot! If those are to expensive for you, then I would run Maxima Blend.

i work at a yammie shop yes all the oil has been changed except the 2r and the 2s.

they even made new little labels to put on it, they were so nice to make us pay $1500 for a plastic display rack we didnt need

I don't know about the number but I know I've seen lots of Yamalube for 4-strokes at stores within the last 2 or 3 months.

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