RM-Z450 owner looking for a "fun" bike

On the rare occasion I get a clear straightaway in the woods, the RMZ is a real blast and I wouldn't trade it for anything. Most of the time though I'm stalling on slow trails, falling over after slipping sideways on hidden tree stumps, etc.

For a 5'9" guy, the bike is entirely too tall for technical stuff you have to put your foot down for. It's also too prone to stalling, and I am SOOO tired of kicking that thing. Oh, it overheats too if you're not moving much...

I thought maybe a lowered 2 stroke, but but before I go that way I wondered if anyone had other suggestions? I like the smooth power delivery of the 4stroke and would prefer to stay there, but haven't been able to find an easy to start or electric start 4 stroke in this power range. Ideas?

Yamaha WR450's have been electric start since 2004 I believe, and they are pretty easy to ride in the woods.

Another option would be to get a late model 250 2-stroke, and add a flywheel weight. They make great woods bikes.

Or you could try to tame your RMZ down by adding a heavier flywheel, changing the gearing a little, etc.

Lots of options here.

4 speeder or the newer 5 speed RM-Z?

The WR is basically an E-start woods biased version of what you have now...the height still be an issue.

Honestly take a look at the KTM 300 xc. The seat is little lower than the Japanese 4 strokes and the engine/gearing works well for tight trails.

look into the new kawasaki klx 450r it has elec start and kick-- good power-- 5 speed-also added durability of steel exhaust valves and larger fuel tank than rmz.

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