Cyliner Head Spacer - Lower compression Mod

I posted some other threads about finally finding a local pump with high octane gas. Turns out I can not bear the smell of it.:D It gives me a similar feeling to having a sore throat and nausea.

So, I was off work today and decided to make a cylinder head spacer that brings the comp ratio down to about 9.5.

My hope is to run on straight 93 without too much knocking and detonation.

I'm also hoping the reduced performance won't affect my riding too much.

Anyone who saw me take back-to-back 5s in the novice section at Exeter RI will agree.

So far, it kicks easy, runs fine, and has no leaks. It is only driveway tested at this point, but I'll be getting some practice time in before Meriden.

back to back... thats not bad... i got screwed up and have 5 in a row at CATRA on my 4th loop... had 2 on the 5th... but i just took the 5's there.

is the bike too powerful?its a beta ,there kinda weak in power as it 280 pro runs fine on 91 octane

I still have a spacer in mine from when I just started out. The guy I got it from put one in. Looking to take it out soon, but if anyone is thinking that it hinders the performance, it really doesn't. I'm doing some decent sized stuff, and the bike runs and performs perfectly.

On a side note, I also attribute the performance to Amsoil pre-mix. Night and day difference from what I was running before. Don't remember what it was called of the top of my head (it was carrot-orange), but I haven't had to clean out the bike in months, and there is almost 0 spooge in the exhaust. :D And it also turns your gas blue, so you always know if it's mixed or not.

my gas is blue too!bitchen color

i think mines blue... not quite sure though. Black metal can goes right into the tank though a blue funnel... i'm using the elf racing stuff.

The color blue is the key to your bike running better :D

is the bike too powerful?its a beta ,there kinda weak in power as it 280 pro runs fine on 91 octane

At higher altitudes, you can use lower octane. I believe much of Fester's riding is at 5,000 feet or higher and Donner is above 7,000 feet.

Even auto gas pumps are 87 to 92 octane at sea level cities while in the cities in Idaho, Utah and Arizona that I just traveled through, the pump gas was 85 to 91 octane. Most of those places were at or above 5,000 feet elevation.

Yes, I'm back.. :D

Speaking of altitude, do you guys have any cooling system mods on your bikes? Use Water Wetter?

i use it on my bike and our mx bikes,cant tell if its any better than say prestone,but i feel its made for bikes,so its gotta be better for the lubrication of the small water pumps

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