10/18/2008 GNCC Event in Maine

Does anybody have any information about this. I am trying to get in on this event and I am having trouble finding a web page on it. I have never raced before and I was told I can just come on race day and register. I cannot find anything at all as far as the location or just conformation that it is happening.

I dont think I would get your hopes too high the GNCC this weekend is the ironman in indiana, gnccracing.com has all the info on it. there may be a race, but its not a gncc is all i know

GNCC does not go to Maine.

GNCC does not go to Maine.

wow some kid lied to me then. I was told there is some sort of race in maine this weekend that encompasses some trails and track. I figured that would be perfect for me since I love both. I guess not. I was going to skip it this time anyway because I have way too much homework to do this weekend.

I was going to go to crow hill but that is out also since they are closed for practice on saturday to prep for a race on sunday. Booooo

I think this is the race he probably meant. http://www.newenglandmotomayhem.com/

Yeah that must be it. Too bad I am going to have to miss out on this one. Where can I find a schedule of all races like this in new england?

Where can I find a schedule of all races like this in new england?
http://www.netra.org/ is a good place to start.
http://www.netra.org/ is a good place to start.

Wow thats a good site. Thanks. Looks like i have missed them all for this year. The only one thats left is in november but it's on a sunday. That won't work for me. I guess I will have to jump in next year. Do I need to pay a fee to be in NETRA so I can enter the races or do I just show up?

You will have to join NETRA $45, AMA $39, and buy a transponder $30. I think those are the prices? Of course that doesn't include the race entry fee which is usually $40.

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