Underage drivers!

I live in Nova Scotia, Canada and my 14 year old son is not allowed to drive a CRF 150F as of October 1st. We have a couple ATVs and he is not allowed to drive them either! But with a safely course he can drive the ATV on private property; and with bike course he can drive on public and private property. If you are under 14 then you have to have the courses. BUT! You can only drive an ATV in a "CLOSED COURSE!" and a bike on private property. All of the above you must have adult supervision. Now what I am against is the age and the courses! I think that 12+ should be under adult supervision and on a 200cc dirtbike or a 400 cc or less ATV. I have his name on "THE LIST" for the course for over 2 months with no response yet! As far as I am concerned we will continue to drive with or without the courses. :worthy: Well if the cops ever fine me :D they can bet that I will tell all the media sources I can get my hands on and tell them my story. My son always wears the protective gear. He keep up with his old man most of the time now.

Don't you understand? The Government knows what's best for your family.

Keep riding!!!!!!

Don't you understand? The Government knows what's best for your family.

Thats what obama wants you to think!:D

AGH!!! They got to you!!! I live in Oregon, and we fought tooth and nail to prevent a bill like that passing. It was a close call, but we manage to fend it off for a while. Sorry to hear about the government intrustion HondaCRFcrazy, thats infuriating.

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