97 klx 300 r what to look for

I am looking at a 97 klx 300 r, 2000 miles, fmf pipe & jetting, has a street legal light kit and is tagged, wants $2500. First 4 stroke for me, what should I look for, listen for or expect to have to replace?

Thanks in advance for your time.

Search here for threads on the "ACR" and "idler". The idler gear has been known to fail due to the ACR timing. The ACR can be fixed and the idler can be watched.

An 11 year old bike that is street legal and it only has 2000 miles on it? Is the owner in Nigeria and willing to make a special deal on it?

If you know the owner is telling the truth, it should be in good shape with only 2000 miles on it. $2500 is a little high for a bike that old.

Ride on



My thougths exactly. Why no miles in 11 years? I am hoping to go see it. If it looks as good and runs as the seller is claiming, and he drops the price, I may have a new to me bike.

Thanks for taking the time to post.

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