jam nut

Just a quick Q,

If the rebound adjuster is threaded down on the damper rod all the way, couldn't you back up the jam nut into it and tighten that way? Honda calls for a 1mm gap between the two, but thats probably so that the rebound adjuster gets threaded on all the way?

The reason I am asking is because it's a pain in the butt trying to get the jam nut tightened hard enough on the rod to then in turn tighten the center bolt enough. The rod easily spins when I'm trying to tighten the jam nut without boogering up the surface.

I'm pretty sure this is right. The manual is confusing and I think I have been getting away with just tightening the rebound adjuster as much as the jam nut would let me(not much really :worthy:) and leaving the gap between the two in the end. JAM nut... :D Doh!

Can someone just conclude this for me?

the bottom nut on the damper rod, have that all of the way up on the shaft before putting it in the fork body. When you put in the little alu. rod and bottom jam nut, thread it on as far as you can by hand. Then take the 17mm wrench and hold the nut on the end of the damper rod still, then take your socket and tighten the jam nut onto it. the gap will dissapear. Make sure you get it tight. After that is tight, remove the holder tool and tighten it into the bottom of the fork body.

the manual say that so you thread the adjuster on as far as possible onto the rod, so the adjuster pushes the needle in far enough to set the rebound correctly, then you thread backwards the jam nut onto the adjuster.

You must ensure the rod is stopped from spinning(by holding it carefully without damaging the soft surface) and thread the adjuster on as far as it will go, then lock down the jam nut.

Ok got it. I'm so stoked to try my taco'ed forks!

good lets hear how it works, get your skates on!!

I'll should have a full review of mine after the weekend. So far I really like it! Will be racing this weekend so it will be a good test.

You will really like yours!

The manual is confusing

it definitely is - and this did cost many people quite some money already

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