new tech 10

i got a new pair of tech 10 alpinestars today and was wondering if they will stretch their just a little too tight in the foot area and was wondering if they will break in and become more comfortable?

Yes they will!

With my i had to tighten the buckles after about an hour of riding because they stretched so much. They will become really comfortable for you though!!

ya they will. u can adjust the straps to, if you already havent

the straps are all the way out. the only thing is they are tight enough to make my feet fall asleep after like 15 minuets of wearing them granted it is just around the house and i haven't rode in them yet but i was just wondering. thanks

I was wondering the same thing when I bought mine. One ride loosened them up to how I like my boots.

are these made in china.i heard the new boots were going to be made there

so thats why they dont fit somebody with wide tall feet!

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