is it right for me???

I am havin such a hard time decidin what bike to buy next!!! I have searched and asked questions! I am pritty sure I have decided to go with the xr650! just one last question. I will be using it prolly 60%on 40%off. the main place where i want to ride off road got closed down last year to everything except atv's and plated bikes. so i sold the rmz450 and I am looking for a dual sport. the trails i was talking about are about as wide a 1 to 2 atv's and DEEP sand! but they are pritty fast. I dont kno wanyone with an xr650 so i cant try one out but does this thing have what it takes to handle deep sand? and i am leanin towards the xr because i hear it will be better on the highway than lets say a drz400. if it helps im 6'3" 200lbs. my oter option would be to get a plated "dirt bike" like a ktm 525. but then I wouldnt even be able to think about goin on the highway. thanks for your help guys!!!!

i love my xr650l got it last year 2002 with 2400miles for 2800 and it hasn't skipped a beat:banana:

i road it last year mostly on road, this is my first bike ever,and got my licence this spring.

put some d606 on it and have been rideing off road more this year:banana:

this bike will carry me and all my gear down the highway 70 -75 miles an hour no problem and then you set up camp and just go anywhere with it from here,:D this thing has gone swimming a couple off times and well it's a honda:smirk: can't go wrong

Sounds to me like the XRL is your bike. With a few mods and some extra cash, it can be a killer offroad bike, and get you there on the black top.

Once you do the appropriate mods and lighten her up a little bit, the 650L will smoke the DRZ on or off road :D

And they look prettier also :worthy:

Go RED! :D

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