Late model CR 250 pipe difference.

I had a damn quad run into me and smash my stock pipe along with my foot. I've been looking on ebay for a used FMF or stock replacement pipe, but haven't found much. What is the difference between 02-04 and 05-07 exhausts? Is it just the flange, or more than that? They have different part numbers, so I assume they aren't interchangeable. My foot is starting to heal, so if anyone has a pipe for an 06 CR250 they want to get rid of, let me know. :D

I think is just the flange, but i might be wrong. Check the sticky at the top of the page on CR250 model changes, see if it mentions any pipe changes betweeon 04 and 05.

i have 2 stock pipes for a 05 cr 250 its the same pipe 05-07 they are listed in the classifieds here on thumpertalk. email me if intrested

I put a later model Fatty on my cr250 01 model. I just cut the flange off my old smashed pro circut pipe and cut and welded it on the fatty. I made sure the head pipe length stayed the same.

I also had to shorten my pro circuit silencer by 1.5 inches, pretty easy deal to do. Bike makes so much low mid and top now.

Also, advanced ignition timing by 2*

Bike will pull the front wheel off the ground in 4th. Kinda scary but FUN.


Motoman, what did you replace the stockers with? FMF (sst, gnarley), PC or other? What kind of gains did you get. I'm having a hard time justifying the xtra cash for a FMF gnarley, but if they really boost the bottom end then I may be able to swing it.

The gnarly is a great pipe. I have one on my cr250 and can pull the front end up when the motor is running just above idle. It makes the bike like a tractor if you have it jetted perfect and a fly wheel weight.

i had a pc platnium pipe with a pc shorty silencer, it had gobs of low to mid. got a little hairy on hard pack. when i raced on a track with hard pack i put in a 9oz flywheel wt and it just hooked up. also had a boyesen rad valve. in my opinion this combo gave the motor a great spread of power.

the cr 250 (05 in my case) worked really well in its little niche. i tried the fmf pipes and didnt care for them the seemed to rev slower. unded up with the pc products and was happy but if you wanted low end oyu had to use the platinum pie and if you wanted top get a works pipe. got tired of changing every weekend at the races and got a crf 450 again. really wish i had the cr250 still i had it set up really well and it was a great bike.:lol:

My 06' CR has a 9oz flywheel weight and Boyseen Rad valve already. I love the tight slick east coast woods and have been trying to make this thing work as good as possible. I think it has a pretty good hit in the mid so I'd like to smooth that out if at all possible.

Any one else have an opinion on FMF gnarly vs. PC platinum??

Your pipe is fine. Its custom now. Just ride it.

If you want to smooth out the power band you need a larger volume pipe, the longer the sound wave the smoother the powerband. Shorter less volume pipes make good bottom to mid but go flat on top due to the sound wave being short and quick.

Also, you have the electric power vlave, I have a friend who has been working to get the power smooth on his and still has no luck, I told him to change the carb to a keihin air striker, put a flywheel weight and see from there.

I had good luck smoothing out my 05 with a flywheel weight and keihin airstryker carb. It smoothed out even more with the JD jet kit for a YZ in the carb. The stock carb also smooths out well with a JD jet kit, but is still pretty temperamental.

Yarnall, aint no way that 300 is keeping up! So you can suck it pretty boy.

My problem is the pipe is ruined, and I need the pipe before a carb.

Damnit, there was one on ebay earlier today, but now it's gone...

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