Cleaning Cases???

I purchased an 01 YZ125 a while back and I'm doing a complete teardown on the whole bike. Frame and swing arm are getting powdercoat, all new suspension bearings, top end, and crank bearings. I'm in the process of splitting the cases and I really want to get all the grime off of it. Degreaser didn't cut it so I was considering sand blasting but then I would have to pull every single bearing pressed into the cases and replace most of them. So blasting is pretty much out of the question. Anyone got any suggestions on cleaning thes up to look new? Parts washer?

Scotchbrite and WD40 work about as good as anything.

I use an ultrasonic parts washer for all of the cases I clean. Check with your local dealers.

I like the scotchbrite as well. Try buying a few small pads that attach to a dremel tool for the small, rounded sections. That is, if you have a dremel tool. If not you'll look really stupid trying to spin those with your fingers at 6000 rpm's. Jewelry supply houses often have these pads, as well as dremel accessories, at 1/10 of the price dremel charges.

I do have a dremel. I found a hidden treasure while taking the motor apart. New cluth, and Hinson Basket and Inner Hub. Sweet! That's pretty much the price of what I paid for the bike. I never realized working on two strokes was so easy. Anyone wanna trade their YZ250 for an 06 RMZ250?

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