OEM suspension settings for a YZ85?

Does anybody have the factory settings for the comperssion and rebound for the forks and shock on a 06 YZ85?

I bought a used bike and it was all out of wack so I'm lookin for the OEM settings to use as a base line.

you need a manual:


Off hand - from what I remember - and don't quote me.....

rear spring:

Set race sag to 85mm - then static should be 18mm if sprung right for rider weight (+/-3mm).

If you are outside of this measurement you need to get a softer or stiffer spring depending on which way it is out. (so if static sag = 10mm you need to go softer on the spring)

manual has the clicker settings - and they're different depending on large/small wheel 85

You Canadians and so resourceful. I should know... I am one too.

Thanks Matt.

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