lowering link or not

hi guy's my bike xr650l came with the lowering link already done and the front forks are 3/4 up in the clamps.

the guy i bought it of gave me the stock link when i got it,the first year i road mostly on road but have the off road bug now:thumbsup:

sould i put the stoker back and set the front flush like the book say's?

i'm 5'10 and 165 and can't get flat footed with it now ,but if it handled better off road i think i could live with tip toeing it on road, how much would this rise the bike?

any thoughts welcome you guy's have been a great help this last year:thumbsup:

Hmmmm...sorry to see that others have not posted here. Well, let me tell you about my experience: I'm 6'2 and weigh 255. I bought my "L" from a guy who installed a lowering link and (like yours) the forks were raised in the triples accordingly. I noticed that I bottomed out the suspension a lot (especially the rear) when taking even small jumps, etc. So I found a guy here on TT who had installed a lowering link and bought his stock link. I installed it, and lowered my forks in the triples - PRESTO...no more bottoming, and it works a lot better for me.

You and I are very different size-wise, so I'm not sure that it makes sense for you to ditch the lowering link and re-adjust the front. But it definately helped in my case though. I hope this info is helpful...and I hope the bump helps you get a few more replies too! :-)


I believe the lowering link lowers an "L" appx 1 1/2" , so If removed expect it to sit an inch or so higher.

I'd just go ahead and ride it off road for awhile. Because the L is so tall and heavy most people get into trouble off road at slow speeds and trying to stop on a trail or dismount or back up. So lowering links are popular for trail riding. If you are a fast rider you will probably find it bottoms with a lowering link too much and you will want to go back to stock. Since it's easy to switch try both. Let us know what brand of lowering link you have and take some measurements of the seat height etc. Remember you have alot of adjustment at the rear shock too. Personally, I would have sold my L if I had not been able to lower it with a PD link and susp. adjustment.

thanks guy's

i went ahead and put the stock link back in and put the front forks back to stock also.

she is nose bleed high now:smirk: ,but i can still get my toe's down,and i'm pretty confortable with this bike,have 5'000+miles this year.:D

tryed it on the road and seemed much smoother,will have to get off-road tommorow.

i softend the clickers on rear shockalso how much adjustment is there?and will on lower ride higt dammpning and rebound?

could never get grease in the old link and found that the guy that did it pressed in the roller bearings to far and blocked off the grease fitting hole he also lost two rollers in one bearing ,luky for me i fond two in my junk bucket and fixed it and pressed them on the right amount and she takes grease just fine now to:banana:

also where sould the shock spring adjuster be for stock mine seem's to be near the top off adjust mybe 6 threads showing on top?

latter all

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