This is how you ride a 2 stroke

Sick video, great find :D

That dude on the KTM was quick, he held that RM250 off nicely.

nice vid

vary cool, good to se smoker tearin it up

those vids are amazing. They are flying, that guy on the ktm is really hauling @$$. Great find

What's even more impressive is the KTM is a 125!!! :D:worthy:

great find!

That track looks so fun. Great video~!

Dude thats so BADASS!!! makes me miss my RM125 so much... wish I hadnt sold it!

theyre both slowwww

Sweet video, I think the RM 250 is holding back keeping the KTM in front, to just make a good video.

mmmm 2 stroke...

you can definitely see where the 250 pulls in the straights, man i would love to ride that track it looks pretty sweet.

...nice I think I'll have to ride that track sometimes when I'm back home in good old Germany :D

Kool vid.:D Great to hear the bike and music at the same time......

Sweet video!

Maybe we should rely on you to find all the good videos :D

you can tell they sped up the video a little bit.

nice vids :D

...but these are much better haha! :ride: :ride:

chad reed on an '05 YZ125

...unless you want some more real supercross action vids during the '04 and '05 season, i'd be happy to post 'em full-version :worthy:

Pump up the adrenaline! WOW, that video is awesome! Cool watching the 'zuki and KTM battling it out (even if it was just for show).

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