Steps to Power up my WR250F 03'

Hello,First i'd like to say that im new in the "dirtbiking game".

I just bought a WR250F 03' it runs pretty good , but now i think im ready for a lil more power. I have a Canadian WR, so the AIS and Throtle stop were already removed.

My parts:

- K&N Air Filter

- 48 teeth rear Sporket ( 52 stock one)

- Akrapovic full exhaust Evolution line.

I recently learned about the free mods, and did the Grey Wire mod, the bike works VERY good.

I was thinking if its still matters to do the Air Box mod, knowing that i hav a K&N air filter???

Can someone please tell me what else can i put, to increase my power and speed , slowly but surely. Or should i do more free mods , if yes ,which ones.

Thank you , dyllo

all of the free mods are good and jet your bike to go with all the mods and it should have a bit more punch

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