YZ426F Cam swap/starting proceedure

For the 2000 YZ426F, after you install the exhaust cam with the auto-decompressor, how will this change starting the bike.I know how to start it w/ manual decomp.Just curious how it is done w/out decomp. lever? I have the cam on order after hearing how great a mod. it is for this bike, can't wait to get it in.

The way you treat the throttle will not change, except that you MAY find the bike now likes to have the throttle just tipped open a crack to get going cold.

As far as cranking it, turn the engine up against compression as you now do, but then, simply reset the kick starter to the top and kick from there. You can, in fact kick the bike from any place the engine happens to be, in most cases, and if you're in a hurry, you can kick it repeatedly in rapid fashion without prepositioning anything, same as a two-stroke. You will find kicking from the compression stroke to be the most effective most of the time, however.

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