250F not running, need help

Well traded the DRZ for 2004 250F supermoto. Bike ran fine at first but Im running into some problems. Seems like the spark is weak, Im going to try to borrow a volt meter. But kick starting the bike will do nothing, I can only get it to start by bump starting it. I pulled the carb out today and raised to clip on the needle to try to lean it out since it came from 3k and is at 5k feet now. Im trying to determine if its the spark or carb. Would it make since to have weak spark and only start with a bump start?

Could it be valves or timing?


Could be tight valves, could be clogged carb.

Yes I would say check your valve clearances too. mine started great with a push start but it would not kick start until I adjusted the valves. Now is starts great.

yes definitely check the valves. But as stupid as it sounds change the spark plug. I had a similar problem this year and I changed the plug and it runs just fine everything else is in spec

yea same a sparl plug works wonder's..

I swapped out spark plug and got it to start, but still not running well. Then cleaned the carb out and finally got it to start with the kickstarter, but only once. Im going to check valves tomorrow.

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