ChristAllmighty's 6-week post-op Xrays

Here are my 6 week x-rays after my clavicle surgery. Still a noticable fracture line.



Doc, I have a image CD. Would you like me to mail it to the office (properly packaged, of course)?

Those look great. Send the CD to the office for our records. Don't start smoking again.

Lets take another film in six weeks, and then the fracture line will be gone.

Considering all the trouble you have had, I would take it slow for another six weeks.

Email Norma to give you an Rx for a new film in six weeks.

good deal. I'll get the CD in the mail tomorrow or Monday. Thanks alot doc. I will continue to not smoke. Im getting on a nutrition and fitness routine due to all of this so I appreciate the incentive. are one boney mother *****er! dat clav repair is Ssssmoking : )

great job doc!

60% of the job is done

Dr. Mark.. I had this surgery a week a go (Plated - broken left clav) and the surgeon explained that I might get a numbness in my breast because of nerve endings in the soft tissue in the area but that it was not likely because the injury was fresh and he might not have to do to much damage in there... anyway.. my left moob is numb below the scar which I think is good in terms of any pain management but how long would this numbness typically last?

I go in for post op on Monday and can ask him then but thought I might pick your brain in the meantime.


you have a numb boob. It may last a few months.

If you are a guy, it probably won't amount to much of a disability.

you have a numb boob. It may last a few months.

If you are a guy, it probably won't amount to much of a disability.

no, definitely not much of a disability :D

like i said it probably helps in terms of any pain... i have to admit this is by far the most painless surgery / recovery i have ever had:thumbsup:

thanks for the quick reply:ride:

i have a little numbness under my incision spot as well. Its been like that since the first surgery in May. It should slowly return. But you get used to it, or I did anyway.

Numb man boobs! shocked.gif

ChristAllmighty, Good to see the xrays and that Doc is okay with the progress. We are doubly indebted to him for the surgery and for the healthy lifestyle incentive!! :D Take 'er easy for six more weeks! Thanks Doc!

My upper pectoral below the incision has been a bit numb since my surgery in february....Now the numbness is almost just give it some time....

Chris that looks damn good considering what you had to go thru....listen to the Doc and give it 6 more weeks....Glad hings are progresing with you...

Scotty J.

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