TT'er, Brent Harlow's Funeral Today

Went to fellow thumper's Brent Harlow's funeral today in Madera. It was a very good funeral, and learned that he was a huge influence in the community starting a program called New Hope to help young men to get out of gangs and off drugs. I've road with Brent and his sons in the Sierra, and I know he used to go to the desert alot and ride to Primm and other places. Brent was killed last Saturday when he was hit after his bike broke down and he was being towed by a friend. There were both plated and on the Minarets Scenic byway when a car came around a corner fast when his friend managed to swerve to get out of the way and Brent couldn't/didn't have time to get out of the way. At the funeral, they mentioned next year from now having a Brent Harlow Memorial Ride. I will keep you posted.

Sad news indeed. Rest in Peace Brent. Prayers for the family...........

Chris, Give my condolences to Brent's family. It's very sad. I think about this happening every time I get on the pavement...

Sorry for the loss.

RIP Brent. My prayers to his friends and family

a friend of mine at the office attended this funeral today. sad sad day.

thoughts and prayers to his friends and family.

Godspeed to Brent.

Thoughts to all.

Very tragic. I read about him in this mornings Fresno Bee, what a loss. My heart goes out to the family. I didn't know him, but I wish I would have.

He has such a great story....very rough/difficult childhood, accepted Christ as his Savior, served in the Military, and found his way into the youth ministry helping kids that were heading down the wrong road.

Here is the link:

I can only hope that my story will be as inspiring to others as Brent's was too me.

I heard about the accident the other day and read the bee this morning. I lived in the same town as him and didn't know him.He sounded like a great man that made a differance in the world.My thoughts go out to the family and friends.

Those are all kind words....Brent was a great rider too, if I didn't mention before. All of his sons and myself could hardly keep up with him on his KTM 525. My oldest two daughters are the same age as Brent's son B.J's oldest two daughters. And have been in the same classes and softball teams. I always saw him at games, birthday parties and any family activity. Whatever his sons were doing from paintball or building a garage he was always there. He was a great example of living your life to the fullest.

RIP Brent. Prayers to the family.

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