KLX650R forks into....

....KLR650. Probably been asked a million times (I may have even asked myself) but....aside from the obvious steering stem issue, do any of you folks around here know of a caliper/wheel combo that will bolt up to the KLX forks and still retain a speedo option? I have KLX650C trees so mounting the gauge cluster won't be anything more than a little fab work. It's the caliper/wheel/speedo combo that has kept this project on hold for the last year and a half.



Due to the overwhelming response to this post, I've come to the conclusion that this fork swap is not possible:) Anybody in the market for a set of "very nice" '96 KLX650R forks? I also have a set of KLX650R triple trees and a KLX650C upper tree.

I think this has been discussed on the Yahoo klx650 users group, if not maybe someone over their would like your extras. As for the speedo option you could use electronic (trailtch vapor, etc) or my klx650R had a speedo drive from factory for the trip meter. I know that kawasaki made the klx in a full dual sport with all street equipment so I would think the speedo issue would be simple. Will the Klr cable not hookup or are you missing the drive?

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