Kenda stop making tires????

I have had been waiting months for back ordered tires 21 up front and 18 in the back K761's.......what the heck riding season is pretty much done here gettin cold hope the hell I'll have for next spring!!!!!!!

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I bought the same rear tire and waited about two months for it to arrive. Lots of demand for dual sport tires since gas increased, I guess?

i just ordered the k270's and the front was on BO when i filled it out .... but it arrived yesterday and now the rear is on BO

Why not just use a GP110? Just about the same tire, AFAIC.

Plenty of those in stock.

thanks to me, our shop stocks the kenda 761 but reordering them usually brings a backorder notification. however, lately we have not had to wait for than about ten days to get them. kenda 761's have not been easy to get EVER. but waiting six months is absurd. Parts Unlimited sells this tire. does your shop deal with them?

got my 760's in two days

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