1996 RM 250 sparkplug

I have tried several NGK plugs, br8es, br8eix..... I will not pay the dealer what they want for the OEM plug, what plug are other people using? I have the jetting in it that P.C. recommends for their pipe and still wants to cold foul often.It runs strong as he-- in all ranges, from idle to top end is great.My premix is at 40:1 w/ yamalube2R, any ideas?

I won't pay the $30 either. I have been using a B8es. The rumor is that the OEM plug prevents the ignition burning out, but I have been running the same plug all summer, 3 practices a week + race day.

YamaLube isn't the greatest either (IMO)and might be part of your problem. A friend of mine used to use it and fouled plugs alot as well. He has yet to settle for one oil, but has only fouled one plug so far.

The PC jetting chart is just a starting point. They use 50% race gas mixed at 32:1. To get you closer to their specs, run 32:1 and then make the minor adjustments.

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