HOW TO: NOT load a quad

And thats why he rides a quad. This video defines itself LOL!!

wow. just pick the damn thing up.

umm wow......HAHAH i didnt expect that i though the wood was gonna break, i have nothing against quads....but that just lowered my likiing of the people who ride them.

epic fail!

HAHA! The blonde dude's mullet completes it.

anyone else notice his shoe came off?

I could have watched a video of just his "helper" doing nothing and laughed my a$$ off. His hair is epic.

Haha check out that mullet, that ones a monster


Wow! that defines the word "inbred"...

That helper looks like he belong in a Rob Zombie movie!!!!:D

why did they have a video camera? ***? Looks like the mullet guy knew it was going to happen. I just lift mine in the back of my truck.


Ever wonder why someone would have had a camera set up for that???

lmao why were they filming it anywyas? almost like they new they were gonna screw up

lol i didnt even read the comment above me

i always load my quad with 2 boards and hit them 3rd gear pinned lol just kidding that guy must have an IQ of 6 :worthy::D

i would expect nothing less by the looks of those 2

Lost the shoe but not the cigarette :D All it's missing is the beer :worthy:

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