Can someone please give me the specs for the sprocket bearing on a 650?

I believe my sprocket bearing (that carries the sprocket on the rear axle) has been breached by dirt/water and I would like to replace it before it gives up the goast in the middle of nowhere...

Anyone have the generic part number I could get the bearing from a bearing supplier? I have gotten the wheel bearings from Suzuki before at 25 bux each and heard you can get the same thing for 5 bux at a bearing supplier.

Thanks for the info!


(I know I could take my wheel off to find out but if someone knows it will save me the trouble :D )

Nevermind, I just found out RonAyers web site tells you!:worthy:

And for the inquiring mind:

Front wheel: B1 17x35x10

Rear wheel: B1 20x47x14

Rear Sprocket: B1 25x52x15



For a pre 96 cush drive hub: 25X62X17

For a 96+ cush drive hub: 25X52X15

The ones from Zuki have a seal on only one side, from a local supplier they'll have seals on both sides for about 1/3rd the price. I'd change all of them while your in there.

The other bearing sizes are:

Pre 96 wheel 17X47X14

96+ wheel 20X47X14

You will need two for the wheel, which are the same size for the 96+, I'm not sure for the pre 96 but as only one size was listed I expect they are both the same.

Might want to get the wheel seals from Zuki before you start in case you mess 'em up. Mine had let crud in and the bearings were on their way out.

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