Clark Desert Tank

I bought a barely used 2007 CRF450X from a friend who knows very little about motorcycles. He bought the bike new from the dealership and had them install a Clark Tank on the bike. It is obviously a higher capacity tank than the stock tank, but I don't know for sure how big it is. How can I tell? Also, is the reserve built into the tank, and how much does that hold?

Probably in the 3.2-3.6 gallon range and Clarks are well made IME. The only thing that bugs me is the nut cracker volcano which is why I went with IMS. I have a nutcracker Acerbis on my YZ which I've learned to really despise. Getting narded and roosted is not fun for me.

Getting narded and roosted is not fun for me.

I thought that was your pleasure!!:D:worthy:

I thought that was your pleasure!!:D:ride:

:ride: :ride: It's roosted THEN narded:lol: :ride: :ride: :ride: :ride: :worthy:

..always rape and pillage prior to burning...


iz it the other way 'round...

I looks like a 3.4 gallon as compared to that site, but anyone have an idea about the reserve capacity?

Reserve capacity is the same as the stock reserve capacity. The extra fuel capacity is all higher than where the reserve side of the fuel petcock comes into play.

Reserve capacity is the same as the stock reserve capacity. The extra fuel capacity is all higher than where the reserve side of the fuel petcock comes into play.

This is true... because the petcock, is same same.

The reserve is based on the short tube that extends into the tank.

However, if the lower portion of aftermarket tanks... take on a different shape than stock, whether larger or smaller... the tanks reserve would then change capacity.

... I think we're safe to say, most 450X tanks reserve are similar.

Unless we speak of the 4.0 IMS or 6.0 Acerbis... even though the belly of the tanks is near same... there's plenty of "reserve" down in the wings of the tank... funneled to the carb via multiple petcocks.

BTW, those darn oversized Clarks... I call'em FrankenTank, as they seem to have a ball crusher that looks like Frankensteins forehead. I had one on my '06 Husky... and man, thank goodness I never had an issue!

I have a ball crusher on my x and when standing my package is to far away(im 6ft 4) to worry. I have cowboyed the x rode it all the way to the ground. I think my balls headed north and were hiding in my helmet before impact so that part of the tank never tested.

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