2008 RMZ 450 Plastic Kits

Anybody know if the UFO or Acerbis full plastic kits in the original stock colors includes the two color shroud or just a solid color one?

I have Acerbis solid yellow, I think they make the stock colors as well.

race-tech plastics come in the oem colours as i have just bought some myself

I don't think we have Race Tech plastics here in Canada.

As far as UFO, Acerbis and Polisport, I think you can have the stock color scheme. Check with your dealer, but I think I saw they had the kits available in either black, white, yellow or "08 OEM" or something like that.

I'd go with the polisport. I think they come with the front number plate for about the same price as acerbis and ufo which do not. I'm thinking about getting an all white polisport set. I just need to find some graphics that will look good with it.

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