Snow status?

So I see that Giff Pinch has some snow from last weekend and frozen ground but still may be rideable ... how 'bout Mad River/Entiat? Anyone have direct knowledge of the trail conditions. Like someone just said, this is the best time of year for traction! But ... in a day it could all turn white, and closed for the season.

I was there 10/11 i went up about 4 miles where i turned around and there was 6" of snow and hunters all over the roads in.

I was at Mad Lake 10/12 Rode up Alder ridge and back down Chikamin 31 miles total for the day. Snow was up to 6" maybe in spots but not bad ground was dry. Very cold at top Ground was dry and frozen, not sloppy like in lowlands.

Sounds like there were some tricky sections if you had 6" of snow ... I can imagine some of those switchbacks were dicey ...

GP last saturday only had max 2 inches in some shaded spots....most likely all gone by now.


Thanks, Joe! We're headin' there then on Saturday ... for one last great ride.

Thanks, AG ... pretty pix! I'm hopin' it's still non-white up on Langille and Juniper and plan to log 50 or 60 gorgeous miles one last time this season ... I'll post after the Saturday ride with an update.

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