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I need help from you longtime KTM riders. I've been racing vintage bikes for several years, but that kind of left my kids on the sidelines. So I got a new 525XC last year. My question is this, where do you tie off a tow rope on a new KTM when you have to tow your buddies Jap bikes back to camp?

Good question, now that i think of it i've never had to tow anyone with a ktm... Maybe you could try looping it around the frame one side? I've always used the heel to peg method.

Why would you want to know? You expect your friends bike to crap out fairly regularly?

I have an 06 525 and I cannot think of where I would tie it other than the pegs

every bike I have seen pull, no matter what type, used the pegs

funny question- as reliable as drz's are concidered- they are the most common bike I have seen needing a pull (by a Ktm)- mainly because of the no kickstart and the fan draining the battery also the flywheel bolts breaking... ATK's I have seen get pulled but I think its so common with ATKs that theres a section in the manual on how to pull them with a KTM- so the owner of and ATK should be able to tell you from experience- those guys are experts:banana:

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