Good rear 19" dyno tire?

Anyone have experience with which brand/model rear tire works well on the dyno? Thanks ...

for a CRF250R ....


any worn out front street tire works fine.

you should be able to get one for free form just about any shop.

Yep, doesn't have to be anything special. I have an old Formula rear tire I use, but any front 19 will work fine. Pay no mind to the direction arrows. 30-40 HP will not tax a tire.

Pull a few holeshots on pavement while it is mounted up. It's a gas!!

front 19's work for 450's too?

sure. I've never seen one shred/fail.

i use a chen ching bgaracuda 100/90 19 it gives good consistent results and wears for ever its good for over 65 hp

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