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Trailtech kickstand Installed (Review)

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When I ordered my Trailtech kickstand, the kind gent at Trailtech told me that they were not ready for production as of yet. I told him that is fine but I want one as soon as it's ready and to just back order it. A few weeks passed as explained and well, today it showed up.


The contents of the box were the kickstand assembly, a pan-head hex bolt, an aluminum collar and some instructions.


The initial quality feel seemed very good. The part that attaches to the bike seems to be some kind of cast material. Some threads were machined into this piece as well as some additional mounting holes. The fasteners & hardware appear to be stainless and of high quality.


The kickstand shaft appears to be some kind of non-ferrous material powder coated. Where the shaft connects to the above cast piece it appears to be billet. The connection junction is not visible. The shaft itself feels light, so I'm guessing aluminum. At the end of the shaft is some kind of mystery material. It is either plastic or some kind of coating.


The instructions were not necessary for installation as it was just two bolts, one of which was included in package. The included bolt and an aluminum collar went through the triangle kickstand hole and threaded into the threads on the cast piece. The other connection point used the factory sub-frame bolt. I would have liked to had a longer one included in the kit. My sub-frame and kickstand hole are/were bent. This made it tricky to install the Trailtech kickstand. I loosely installed the two bolts to make this a bit easier. After both bolts were in, I tightened it down. It fit perfectly. They did an exceptional job contouring it with the frame.


In the up position the kickstand tucks nicely. It is not behind the number plate.


When it is down, it is slightly kicked forward. The lean of the bike is about perfect.


The kickstand seems plenty strong enough to lean on while sitting on the bike as well as propping the back wheel up.


I will report back to this post after I get some ride time on it. :D:worthy::ride:

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$89 from Cyclebuy.com and couldn't be any easier to install...maybe 10 minutes tops!! Great product/build quality as well!!!!!

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Just got one for the wife's bike, nice stand. I had to drill out top hole, didn't quite line up. :lol:

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