To hone or not to hone

I have a 2007 KX450f that runs great but I figure it has enough hours to at least warrant a new piston and rings. My question is : If the cylinder is still within spec, do I put a flex hone or hone through it to provide a crosshatch for the new rings to seat? The manual says it is a plated cylinder and cannot be bored or honed. Any help would be great!

Yeas- a 2 3/4" flex hone. You need to brake the glaze.!

I go 10 spins forward and 10 spins in reverse on my electric drill- under running water. Then brake cleaner and paper towels until the towels come out clean!

Lube the wrist pin and put it together DRY> Get that ring/cylinder interface matched perfectly!:D

The manual is correct if you hone it you will destroy the coating, it is only very thin. They don't put that info in the manual just for fun.

Mike is correct, hone it with a flex hone to break the glaze so the new ring will seat properly.

the flex hone DOES not take off the plating, or change the bore's a very light hone.

Not only is it important to hone it to get ring seal, but for good lubrication etc...

I have honed many four stroke cylidners with the flex hone with great DOES NOT TAKE OFF THE PLATING.

just google it, there are only like one or two people who make nikasil specific ones.

A flex hone can do some damage in the wrong hands! They have different grits as well. but breaking the glaze and getting the right cross hatch on any rebuild is necessary for proper sealing and for the rings to seat right.

They have tools that are specifically for deglazing cylinders, I think They might be called brush hones??? something like that I can't remember exactly.

The brush research 240 grit is what you want.

took mine into a local shop. I was quoted $15 via email. A buddy took it in on his day off. He bs'ed with the guy for a lil while and he ended up doing it for free. Simple hone job and he gave a report on the condition of the plating.

Thank you. I figured you had to use a hone to get the rings to seat but I wasn't positive with these cylinders. I will see if I can track down a proper hone. :D

I just ran the bottom end again on my 06. Pulled it down and all the bearing matter has embedded itself between the piston and cylinder and seriously scored the cylinder. The cylinder looks like junk now and its the second time the bottom end has come undone. I was wondering how thick is the nickasil plating? I saved the original cylinder from the first rebuild where the shop honed it and it still looks pretty reasonable. Has a couple of grooves but oh well. Trying to save a couple of Benjamins . Thoughts?

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