Unabiker rad gaurds on YZF

I just bolted on my new unabiker rad gaurds on my yz250f, I didnt think about it at first but is this extra weight going to effect my handling in the corners, or in the air. I havent seen any yzf's with rad gaurds and im trying to find out why. Probably because most people dont fall as much as me:bonk:

if you could tell, you would not need them!!!

Whats that supposed to mean, I race and im pretty good I just get a little crazy sometimes:banana:

No, it won't make a noticable difference. It may run hotter when you're going really slow if you left off the fins that direct air into the radiators. I had to leave them off on mine, couldn't get them to fit with the guards.


perfect, thank you:thumbsup:

I ride enduros with mine and there was no noticable increase in engine temperature in tight enduro sections. They will really protect your radiators.

I have the Unibiker on my 08 yz250f and no difference. I have been using Unibike for the last 5 years and the are almost indistructable, Just like there ad says crash like you mean it. And yes no problem with over heating. I got a set in gold and looks great with the white plastic.

awsome thats what I wanted to hear. ^I got the black ones and they look great.

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