this sucks

So a few months ago, I took my bike to get the valves checked and the guy readjusted them and he over tightened the cam journals, so im screwed. I think

so my question is, do I HAVE to but a new head or can i bring it some where and get the journals reworked?

ok then, since no one knows.

how much you think i can sell it for in this condition?

You can send the head on some places to have the journals repaired. If you've just had it redone. How far has it gone, If it completely screwed the head, I'm sure the cams are crap too now.

Otherwise mebbe a new head is a better option?

I fix cam journals.

Why do you think they're bad?

my mechanic showed me them and the metal is like all stretched out where they sit bc no oil could get to that spot.

and he said it would need new cams.

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