ttr 230 help

ok wrong forum I know but I need a quick answer, I am changing the oil on my wife's 2007 ttr230 for the first time and do not have a repair manual for it. On my ttr250 there is an oil check bolt that I loosen and if oil seeps out I know oil is circulating, is there something like this on the ttr230? if not how do I know that I did everything right?

Yes, there was on the last one I changed oil on.

I found a manual to download I removed the check bolt but no oil comes out, I can see the level in the window go down when I start the bike and then slowly move about 3/4 of the way up and I ran it for 10 or 15 min and it didn't blow up. Why wouldn't oil come out of the check bolt?

Was the bike running when you loosened the bolt?

ya the bike was running. The thing I dont get is that the hole for the check bolt is angled up so how would oil flow out unless there is a lot of it coming out.

be carefull tightening it back up. The one on mine snapped real easy. Almost ruined a trip. BTW why would oil not circulate? It was working before it should work after unless you screwed up the filter after taking it out to clean. I dont mess with mine any more.

im almost positive I did it right I am just paranoid because im just starting to learn how to fix engines. The guys at the shop also told me they don't even bother to check.

how do you find out if you have the correct amount of oil? on the side stand the oil disapears from the sight glass but returns when bike is upright.also disapears when bike is running, should i add more oil?

The oil level in the sight glass is checked after the engine has been shut off for about 10 minutes. Hold the bike up straight on level ground and look at the sight glass.

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