Ok I am getting conflicting info. on octane needed for my 05 yz250f. The only mod is a Dr D exhaust system, should I be using 90 / 91 or 93 octane ?



Pump premium is fine. Whichever is available in your area. For me the best locally is 92. I have run 91 without any noticable difference. But generally I run the best I can get. If you have 91 and 93 available run 93.


I have a 2005 Yz250F as well that also has a dr.d exhaust, a boysen accel. pump and some tuning, but i run a gas i am fortunate enought to get locally, it is a gas station that pumps premium desil and non-ethonal gas (aimed at old/new sports cars) they garentee at least a 94 octane rating with 0% ethonal. this stuff work very well in my bike, BUT i have never run a race fuel in it, i'm sure it will be better. but for a tight budget this stuff is great and its only 30 cents more exspensive than reg pump gas. see if you can find one in your area....thier out there. good luck

(if 91 is the best you can get that will work fine as well)

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