Carbon fibor

Just found this site. They make some pretty cool carbon stuff i havent seen for the 150 before.

wow thats cool wish they had a shop here.

ya i was thinkin the same thing!

The current UK / US exchange rate is:

1 GBP = $1.72989 USD, so that tank cover that's listed 52 is actually $89.95 or the hose guide listed at 26 is actually $44.97, not including shipping from the UK, which is generally 10, which is $17.

I used to order a lot of stuff from the UK a few years ago, but until our weak American dollar strengthens a bit, I won't be ordering anything from the UK anytime soon.

In reverse, $1 American dollar is worth .57 cents in the UK.

i just cant believe companies like light speed dont make products like this small company makes!

Even with the weak dollar, they still have some stuff that I may be ordering!

if i still had my 150 i would def. be ordering some stuff.

Were you riding these days mxrider:ride:

the track here in beaumont just opened back up, so im gunna be there this weekend, but early november should be when the cowboy honda track opens up. Its gunna be saweeet!

where is the cowboy honda track going to be im going to del valle in 30 minutes.

its in winnie 20 min. from beaumont about 4 1/2 hours from del valle and 1 1/2 from houston.

Maybe some time four hours is a long time haha. Can't wait to see the track, thought you were talking about the cowboy honda in Austin.

ohh. nope sry. forgot they branched out that far. I actually go to school with the owners grandaughter, so i get the hook ups. Haha. do you live in del valle because i go through there all the time to go to my deer lease?

No i live in Austin and it takes me 15 minutes to drive to del valle mx, Lucky you are going to be getting free hondas soon haha:banana:

i wish. i think those guys like to look at those bikes there at somethin because they sure will cost ya if you want one.

This is what the carbon tank cover looks like on my bike




It's really nice, but we had to drill holes in it, because the one's they did didn't fit.

Your so lucky you live near them:banghead: and that tank cover looks trick nice.:lol:

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